Demand the Liberal Media Tell the Truth About the Wage Gap!
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I’m tired of the media spreading falsehoods to smear conservatives. I demand and expect the truth from the news media instead of blatant efforts to deceive the American people!

"The Bogus Statistic That Won't Die"

In an obvious effort to smear conservatives with a key segment of the voting public, the liberal media continue to repeat a thoroughly debunked myth that women make 77 cents on the dollar compared to men who do the same work.

This is part of the “War on Women” narrative used to attack conservatives over the past few years, and it’s just as fictitious.

Even some of the most liberal websites are on the record disputing this false claim:

  • Liberal website PolitiFact said that Obama’s claim that Barack Obama ad says women are paid "77 cents on the dollar for doing the same work as men" was “Mostly False” because it “does not factor in occupations held, hours worked or length of tenure.”
  • Liberal website The Daily Beast call this “the bogus statistic that won’t die” and states flat out that “No, women don’t make less money than men.” They go on to say that “The White House should stop using women’s choices to construct a false claim about social inequality that is poisoning our gender debates.” We agree.

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