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Truck urging Clorox to stop supporting anti-Christian bigotry on The View



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These anti-Christian attacks are offensive, bigoted, and simply should not be supported by major American companies. We can’t allow them to get away with it.

It’s time to call out Clorox in a more public way.

Clorox and other advertisers on The View have ignored calls to separate themselves from The View’s anti-Christian comments. They’ve ignored thousands of calls from irate customers!

Since Clorox won’t respond, and they touted back in 2009 that they “do not advertise in programs that display exploitive sex or violence; treat ethnic, religious or political groups in a disparaging manner… or treat individuals or groups in a demeaning manner,” we are bringing our mobile billboard truck to them. They won’t be able to ignore it.

ABC’s The View attacked Christians all across the country when it labelled Christianity as “dangerous” and a “mental illness”.

MRC Action members rallied immediately and bombarded their sponsors, asking them directly to pull their advertisements until The View apologizes for its anti-Christian bigotry.

However, we’ve been met with radio silence. Their refusal to response has us made us wonder. Does Clorox agree with The View’s offensive, anti-Christian comments? Do they actually believe that Christianity is “dangerous” and a “mental illness”? Why else would they stand with the bigots on The View instead of millions of religious Americans?

Truck urging Clorox to stop supporting anti-Christian bigotry on The View

So the MRC is taking the message to them in a way they can’t ignore. We’re driving our billboard to their headquarters demand they stop supporting anti-Christian bigotry!