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The liberal media mob has behaved viciously towards the students at Covington Catholic High School — desperately to paint them as bigots and brats and exposing them to abuse and death threats. In reality, the Covington kids’ only offense was being young, Christian, mostly white, males wearing MAGA hats. That is enough to send the liberal media off the rails.

JOINT STATEMENT: Conservative Leaders Call on the Media to Apologize to the Covington Catholic Kids

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Here are just of few of the most shameful statements made by the liberal media and Hollywood elites. Remember to be respectful, but firm in your opinion.

Hall of Shame:

Bill Mahar, Real Time on HBO, @billmahar
“I don't blame the kid -- the smirking kid. I blame lead poisoning and bad parenting, and, oh yeah, I blame that f*****g kid. What a little prick -- smirkface. Smirkfaces.”

Robin Givhan, Washington Post, @RobinGivhan
The hat has become a symbol of us vs. them, of exclusion and suspicion, of garrulous narcissism, of white male privilege, of violence and hate. For minorities and the disenfranchised, it can spark a kind of gut-level disgust that brings ancestral ghosts to the fore. Here, in 2019, their painful past is present.”

Savannah Guthrie, NBC, @savannahguthrie
When question Covington student Nick Sandmann. “Do you feel that you owe anybody an apology? Do you see your own fault in any way?

Noah Berlatsky, NBC, @nberlat
“Sandmann wants us to believe that he was merely a silent, innocent bystander during the confrontation. But the hat he was wearing spoke hate.

John Eligon, New York Times, @jeligon
“Covington Catholic student Nick Sandmann said he felt threatened by the Hebrew Israelites. But for black people, there is something much more alarming: ‘Seeing a white guy in a ‘Make America Great Again’ hat.’”

Kathy Griffin, “Comedian”, @kathygriffin
Name these kids. I want NAMES. Shame them. If you think these f***kers won’t dox you in a heartbeat, think again.”

Alyssa Milano, Actress, @alyssa_milano
“When I saw that video, I saw boys flaunting their entitlement and displaying toxic masculinity. It seemed to me like they were reflecting the white nationalism and racism that the hats on their heads have come to represent.”


On Friday, January 18th, a group of students from Covington Catholic High School in Kentucky visiting Washington DC on a school trip were confronted by a group of radical leftist protesters.

A viral video of the confrontation initially suggested that the boys -- some of whom were wearing Make America Great Again hats -- may have been disrespectful toward a Native American activist beating a drum in the face of one of the boys.

The liberal media immediately went into outrage mode and publicly castigated these children, exposing high school students to a very dangerous situation.

Students and their families have been subjected to relentless online harassment and even death threats. Covington Catholic High School was even forced to cancel school the next week out of fear for the safety of its students.

All over a story that turned out to be FAKE.

NBC and the liberal mob media have zero concern for the truth. It does not matter to them that a new video, which is now days old, cleared the Covington kids of wrongdoing. It does not matter to them that this non-story has resulted in death threats to these innocent Catholic kids and their families. And, clearly, it does not matter to them that Nathan Phillips, the adult who instigated the confrontation, has told multiple lies about the incident. The only thing that matters to the leftist media is perpetuating the false narrative that a group of pro-life boys donning "MAGA" hats are racist. This is not honest journalism, this is a public hit job designed to entertain Trump-hating liberal America.

At the very worst, this is a story of a group of teenage boys acting like, well, teenage boys. Since when do the minor missteps of high school kids warrant five days of national news coverage? NBC and the rest of the liberal media should be ashamed for the way they have treated them. Nick Sandmann and the other students of Covington Catholic deserve more than an apology, they deserve to have their names cleared.

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