Amazon Hates Conservatives

Amazon has always hated conservatives. They have repeatedly removed conservative books from their site. Amazon has also partnered with the anti-Christian bigots at the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) to specifically exclude Christian organizations from participating in their Amazon Smile fundraising program.

Most recently, Amazon showed how much it hates conservatives by wiping the social media site Parler off the internet. By removing Parler from its servers, Amazon essentially shut down the only social media site that isn’t censoring conservatives. Amazon claimed this was a result of “violent content” posted on Parler.

But Amazon is itself PROFITING from the sale of products promoting VIOLENCE and HATE. We have a list of just some of these items below.

Shooting Games Trump Toys for Kids with 2 Air Guns
QUYNHHOZ Humor are Fun ACAB Vintage Cops Ultras Bastards All Funny The Most Impressive and Stylish Indoor Decoration Poster Available Trending Now
Kill the Rich Love That Joker T-Shirt
UUHOME Donald Trump Ash Tray, Ashtray Perfect for Gift or Photoshoots Windproof Ceramic Ash Tray for Indoor or Outdoor Use, just Like The President (Maybe Former)
SeanDouglas Womans KMFDM Tops Shirt Casual Youth Girls Tshirts
Where is Lee Harvey Oswald Now That We Really Need Him Mug
Florence & Partner Kill-All-Republicans-Black-Shirt-hooz-Shirts
Molotov Explode T-Shirt 100% Cotton Premium Tee New
RIP GOP Dead Elephant Republican Protest Pullover Hoodie
Acab Classic Coffee Mug 11oz Ceramic Tea Cups
Halloween Scary Trump/Doll/Skull Decoration Pendant Scary Decoration Haunted House Theme Holiday Supplies 2PC
Riots Not Diets Funny Feminist Slogan Men's Polo Style Hat Classic Vintage Trucker Cap Fit Cap
I Hate Every Cop in This Town A Good Cop is A Dead Cop T Shirt Hoodie for Men, Women Full Size.
NANDAOFENG Municipal Waste (Trump Walls of Death) Outdoor Banner Home Garden Decorative Breeze Flag 3x5 Ft Flag
Acab Burning Police Car Classic T-Shirt Summer Fashion Anti Trump Shirt Girl Trendy Anti Trump Shirt Anti Trump Shirt Funny Hot Fashionable Sellers Trend

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