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Thank you for your interest in sponsoring an intern at the MRC!

If you would like to sponsor all or part of a semester for an intern, you can give:

  • $1,000 to cover welcome and departure meals
  • $6,000 to pay for intern field trips and workshops
  • $12,000 to sponsor an intern for an entire 12-week semester!

To give another amount, use the Custom Amount option below. We appreciate all support for our expanding program.


For a gift over $120,000, donors can name a class for the cost of sponsoring 10 interns. For more information about larger gifts, please email Intern Coordinator Cari Lancaster at

Prefer not to make a gift online using eCheck (ACH), PayPal, or your credit card? You can download and mail in our printable donation form here!

Are you looking to support the next generation of conservative journalists and thought leaders? The MRC's Internship Program has trained more than 400 young conservatives who are influencing public policy, law, and media today.

Our competitive internship program provides the on-the-job, competitively-paid training for interns to succeed in today’s fast-paced, demanding media industry and to confront the rising challenges against conservatives.

In addition to building their professional skills and contributing to the conservative movement, MRC interns also:

  • Participate in lunches with MRC Founder and President, Brent Bozell, conservative guest speakers, and members of senior staff.
  • Engage in professional development opportunities to receive feedback on resumes, practice interview strategies, and professionally manage social media presence.
  • Attend networking events at conservative nonprofits and think tanks, professional happy hours, and conferences (such as the Values Voter Summit, CPAC, and the Young America’s Foundation’s annual Conference).

A gift to the MRC helps support valuable intern training and contributes to the development of the next generation of conservative leaders.

I will always be grateful to CNSNews for giving me an opportunity, and helping launch my career. At a time during the abysmal Obama-Biden economy, with no clips to my name, CNS gave me a shot to go out, learn, and succeed. Giving young conservatives a chance has had an immeasurable impact in the fight to uphold America’s founding principles.

Know your enemy. That’s what working at the News Analysis Division (aka Newsbusters) at the Media Research Center will prepare you for when you join their fantastic internship program. The staff is open and will answer any questions you may have if any. Overall, you will just have a good time owning the liberals as they continue to be abjectly terrible in covering the Trump White House or any Republican administration. The MRC, the Newsbusters division, and the CNS News wing, which I also dabbled with when MRCTV was part of that operation, is an excellent place to get your start in the ongoing fight against the Democrat-Media complex.

I interned for the Media Research Center and CNS News all the way back in 2007. It was my first job in conservative journalism and provided me with the experience that convinced me I wanted to be a writer. MRC interns didn't just fetch coffee: they engaged, wrote, edited, gathered facts, accrued interviews, racked up bylines, and learned the tricks of the trade. The dedication of the MRC's editors and staff to good journalism and covering all facets of an issue was inspiring and much fairer than anything you're likely to find in the so-called mainstream press.