What Benefits Can You Look Forward to as a Contributing Member of the Media Research Center? 

Read below to find out!

25.00 - Member (I'm ready to give)
Receives monthly Watchdog newsletter and access to exclusive member-only MRC publication and communication online.

$50.00 - Charter Member (I'm ready to give)
Receives Member benefits PLUS 4 bumper stickers upon request.

$100.00 - Advocate (I'm ready to give)
Receives Charter Member benefits PLUS the MRC Annual Report.

$250.00 - Watcher (I'm ready to give)
Receives Advocate Member benefits PLUS invitations to MRC events (not all are complimentary), and the Annual Best of Notable Quotables.

$1,000.00 - Associate (I'm ready to give)
Receives Watcher Member benefits PLUS an invitation to our Annual Meeting, Luncheon and 2 discounted seats at the Annual Gala, President's Reports, Social Reports, and Associate-level pin.

$5,000.00 - Trustee (I'm ready to give)
Receives Associate Member benefits and also become a Member of the Board of Trustees*, enjoy 2 seats to the Annual Gala (in lieu of discount), 2 invitations to the Pre-Annual Meeting Founders’ Night Dinner, and Trustee level pin. (*does not exercise legal control over the organization, nor assume any fiduciary responsibilities)

$10,000.00 - Leadership Committee (I'm ready to give)
Receives Trustee Member benefits and enjoys 4 complimentary seats at the Annual Gala (in lieu of 2).

$25,000.00 - Executive Committee (I'm ready to give)
Receives Leadership Committee Member benefits PLUS an annual personal briefing from an MRC Senior Staff member, as well as a yearly personal update call from MRC Founder and President, L. Brent Bozell.

For more information on MRC member benefits, please contact our Development team at 571-267-3500, or email us here. (benefits subject to change)