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We DOCUMENT Media Bias.

Our expert staff of media analysts, journalists, and researchers work around the clock to monitor major news outlets on television, on radio, and online. MRC has been America’s premier media watchdog for over 30 years and has the largest archive of news broadcasts on earth, allowing us to quickly dig things up like this.

Key tools in the MRC arsenal include:

  • NewsBusters - Documenting media bias 24/7.
  • CNSNews - The fastest growing conservative news site in America.
  • MRCTV - The best conservative videos on the web.
  • MRC TechWatch - Fighting anti-conservative bias at Facebook, Twitter, Google, and YouTube.

We EXPOSE Media Bias.

Our massive marketing operation distributes proof of media bias to the American people directly and to the websites and news outlets they rely on for the truth they aren’t getting from most national media. In 2019, MRC generated an average of 385.4 million weekly impressions, including:

  • Visits to MRC websites,, and
  • Mentions and appearances on TV including Fox News and Fox Business
  • Mentions and appearances on radio shows including The Mark Levin Show, The Rush Limbaugh Show, and The Sean Hannity Show
  • Mentions on other websites including Drudge Report, Yahoo! News, Google News, and

We at the MRC welcome you to the fight of exposing media bias. We work diligently to provide reliable, fact-driven information about the media because the American people deserve to be told the truth!

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