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MRCTV Documentary Explores the Devastating Personal Toll Caused by Joe Biden’s Cancellation of the Keystone Pipeline.

Mission: The mainstream media will not report the devastating effects on local communities of the Keystone Pipeline cancellation, so MRC is taking the reins to bring the truth to the American people.


MRCTV produced a powerful documentary, Killing Keystone XL: How Biden Destroyed American Energy Independence, to put a “face on” the disastrous effects of the pipeline’s cancellation. MRCTV’s Eric Scheiner and Ben Graham recently traveled to hard-hit towns in South Dakota and Montana to interview residents and business owners to learn first-hand how Biden’s callous decision to shut down the pipeline has negatively impacted these communities.

MRC Documentary Film

MRC would like to thank our supporters who donated funds to make Killing Keystone XL a reality.


Keystone Pipeline: On his first day in office, President Biden revoked the Keystone XL Pipeline permit via Executive Order 13990. With the stroke of a pen, Biden canceled a project that would have boosted U.S. GDP by more than 3 billion dollars, carried 830,000 barrels of oil daily from Canada to the U.S., and directly and indirectly provided up to 26,000 jobs — 11,000 of which were instantly lost. Climate Czar John Kerry, lent a sympathetic voice to the plight of the newly laid-off workers, “Go to work to make the solar panels.” President Trump greenlit the project in 2017, after years of delay from the Obama administration.

Though the Keystone Pipeline project received a favorable environmental review from the State Department, and construction had already started (crossing the Canadian/U.S Border), the Biden administration bowed to radical environmentalists and the religion of climate change, leaving hard-working Americans in the cold. Oil is the lifeblood of our economy and critical to our energy security, but the personal toll may be the highest cost of all. Livelihoods, hopes, and dreams dashed in an instant.

Community Impact

Philip is one of the many towns that the Keystone XL Pipeline construction passed through. With the construction came construction crews, and town entrepreneurs that provided both the workers and the pipeline project the services they needed. From pipe storage to places to live, eat and work out. All now extinguished. These are stories about real Americans, real people, tossed aside.

"When they came in with a stroke of the pen, everybody was upset. That's an understatement. I think the true characteristic of how people felt - they were pissed off. Everybody had spent money, the project was underway, people were here - they were building, we could see progress and just like that it's gone." Jeff Birkeland CEO, West Central Electric, which would have served pump stations across the XL route.

"Every job matters, not just one, not just 11-thousand. A family has been impacted negatively and we don't know why. There was no breach of contract, there were no broken rules. It was just that President Biden signed an executive order that said 'no more." Tricia Burns Co-Owner, Ignite Wellness Studio, which lost half its memberships in one day, just after expansion.