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I join the Media Research Center in demanding that CNN drop their lawsuit against the White House and start employing journalists who act with respect, civility, and observe basic journalistic standards.

CNN’s decision to sue the White House for revoking Jim Acosta’s press credentials — after his shocking and unprecedented show of disrespect for the office of President and White House staff — demonstrates that the network is promoting a dangerous culture of incivility in politics and remains remarkably out of touch with the American people.

CNN must drop this frivolous lawsuit and start promoting a respectful and fair media culture.

Tell CNN to Stop Attacking the White House and Start Showing Respect for the President, White House staff, and the American People


CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta has made a habit of rudeness, unprofessionalism, and blatant showboating at the White House. He has treated White House staffers with utter disrespect and the President of the United States (and, through him, the American people) with blatant contempt.

He has shouted, made scenes, and otherwise treated White House press briefings as episodes of the Jim Acosta Show starring Jim Acosta.

Acosta’s hissy fits finally came to a head on November 7, 2018, when Acosta was shamelessly rude to President Trump and then tussled with a young female White House intern after he refused to give up the microphone.

Based on this pattern of behavior, the White House announced it was revoking Mr. Acosta’s White House press credentials. CNN has subsequently filed a lawsuit against the White House. The suit lists six defendants including President Trump, Chief of Staff John Kelly, Press Secretary Sarah Sanders, Deputy Chief of Staff for Communications Bill Shine, the Director of the Secret Service, and even the Secret Service officer who confiscated Acosta's hard pass away last Wednesday.

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