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DHS Weaponization Exposed

MRC, in its pursuit of transparency under the Freedom of Information Act, has submitted more than 150 FOIA requests, which aim to expose collusion between the government and legacy media, Big Tech, and other leftist groups. Through our efforts, we have amassed valuable information to substantiate our claims. In one compelling example, MRC Free Speech America acquired exclusive documents through Open Records Act requests, which are state-level versions of FOIAs. These documents PROVE the DHS has weaponized its “Targeted Violence & Terrorism Prevention” Grant Program against Christians, Conservatives, and the Republican Party.

Shockingly, all of this has been funded by federal taxpayer dollars!

Our FOIA investigations are producing tangible and much-needed results, but it takes massive resources to do the necessary work, including pursuing legal action, if necessary, against government agencies that refuse our FOIAs.

It is crucial that we continue and expand the program. Please donate today!