Demand the Media Expose the Domestic Terrorist Group Known as Antifa

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After the protests in Charlottesville and Washington, DC over the August 12th, 2018 weekend, Chris Cuomo of CNN justified violence perpetrated by Antifa thugs. This is outrageous and unacceptable.

I join the Media Research Center in demanding that the media cover completely the record of hate and violence by the group known as Antifa. For too long, the media have aided and abetted this radical group’s acts of domestic terrorism by normalizing their violence - just because they agree with their liberal agenda.

Antifa should be called out by every news outlet for their record of assaulting police and innocent Trump supporters, their attacks on reporters, their destruction of public property, their attempts to silence free speech, and their use of the term “fascist” against anyone not adhering to their extreme left-wing beliefs.

The American people deserve to hear the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth from the news media, and we won’t tolerate them protecting violent movements just because they agree with their leftist ideology.

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Who is Antifa?

Antifa is a far-left, militant, domestic terrorist organization which has recently risen to prominence due to their volatile and violent protests on college campuses, at the Presidential Inauguration, and elsewhere across the country.

Derived from the word "anti-fascist", Antifa is comprised of leftist radicals who - the liberal media note - are willing to engage in a "show of force". This euphemism is meant to conceal the fact that Antifa thugs regularly use violent and extreme methods in their protests against the police, the public, and anyone they think disagrees with them.

In the past few months, Antifa has been involved in numerous violent incidents across the country. In January 2017, they "protested" President Trump’s inauguration by smashing store windows, car windows, and causing havoc in Washington, DC. In both February and April, Antifa thugs terrorized the campus at UC Berkeley - throwing chemical grade fireworks and molotov cocktails at the police and causing $100,000 worth of damage- in an attempt to suppress the right to free speech of others.

Antifa has also held violent and disruptive protests in Illinois, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Alabama, Minnesota, Maryland, Nebraska, Massachusetts, and many other areas across the country

Despite their well-documented violence and their radical agenda, the liberal media at best ignore Antifa’s violent behavior, and at worst attempt to legitimize them as a peaceful protest movement by giving them a platform to justify their tactics.

NBC’s Chuck Todd twice featured radical Antifa supporter Mark Bray on his shows Meet the Press, and MTP Daily. Todd offered no pushback as Bray justified Antifa’s violent tactics on national television.

In response, Media Research Center (MRC) President Brent Bozell blasted NBC and Chuck Todd for giving a voice to these radicals by inviting Bray to appear on NBC:

“Chuck Todd and MSNBC are providing a platform for radical leftists who use violence as a means to intimidate political opponents are express free speech.”

Bozell added:

“Allowing antifa supporters to promote violence unchallenged is not only repugnant, but irresponsible. MSNBC and their sponsors must be held accountable for providing a platform for any violence and destruction perpetrated by these hateful groups.”

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