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Last March, the Obama State Department finally acknowledged that ISIS’s ongoing murder and persecution of Christians amounts to genocide. Nevertheless, ABC, CBS, and NBC continue to avoid using “genocide” to describe what ISIS and affiliated extremists are inflicting on Christians in the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia.

And they have only sporadically reported on the mass exodus of some of the world’s oldest Christian sects from Iraq and Syria, and the bloody fate of those who remained.

  • Jihadists have attacked, and sometimes wiped out, entire Christian neighborhoods and villages.
  • Christians have been murdered in a dozen countries by extremists that have tortured, beheaded, crucified or burned them alive.
  • ISIS has assaulted hundreds of churches and destroyed ancient Christian holy sites in acts of “cultural cleansing.”

And almost none of this has made the evening news broadcasts. ABC, CBS, and NBC almost never identify this brutal terror for what it really is:

Christian genocide.

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