Expose George Stephanopoulos
The Media Research Center


Showcasing an extreme conflict of interest, it was revealed recently that ABC News anchor George Stephanopoulos donated $75,000 to the Clinton Foundation and did not disclose the contribution to the public or his employer, ABC.

During the time he was keeping this secret, Stephanopoulos reported numerous times on the controversy surrounding the alleged unethical behavior of Bill and Hillary Clinton and donations by foreign governments to the foundation.

Just a few weeks ago, MRC’s NewsBusters website criticized a Stephanopoulos interview with Peter Schweizer, author of Clinton Cash. Stephanopoulos aggressively defended the Clintons instead of objectively interviewing the author about his book.

Since transitioning from political operative in the Clinton White House to news man at ABC, Stephanopoulos has demonstrated liberal bias countless times in his “reporting.”

But this is over the top, and it’s time for him to end the charade. He cannot be trusted to cover any political issue objectively, and he definitely should not be permitted to cover a presidential election, where he has a longstanding loyalty to one of the candidates.

The fact that he hid these donations from the public and his employer for so long renders him unfit to cover the 2016 elections.

Here is a timeline of Stephanopoulos’ long history with the Clinton family:

1992: George Stephanopoulos joins the Bill Clinton presidential campaign as Communications Director

1992-1996: Serves four years as the White House Communications Director for President Bill Clinton

January 2009: It’s revealed that George Stephanopoulos participates in conference calls with top Democratic strategists.

February 2009: Brent Bozell calls on ABC President David Westin to Publicly Address the apparent conflict of interest regarding Stephanopoulos.

March 2015: Hillary Clinton email scandal breaks and George Stephanopoulos notes that we may see “critics overreact”.

April 2015: Stephanopoulos interviews the author of Clinton Cash, a book about questionable donations to the Clinton Foundation, without revealing that he is in fact one of the donors.

May 14, 2015: After being questioned about ties to the Clinton Foundation, Stephanopoulos discloses that he donated $50,000, which was later increased to $75,000.


I call on ABC News anchor George Stephanopoulos to recuse himself from covering the 2016 elections in any way. His close personal and secret financial connection with Bill and Hillary Clinton, along with his long history of biased coverage of political issues and candidates disqualify him from the important role of the press in our electoral process. If he refuses to recuse himself, then ABC should remove him from any reporting duties for the 2016 elections.