The Battle Plan with the Media Research Center: Join the Movement and Demand the liberal media “Tell the Truth!”

Support The MRC’s “Tell The Truth!” 2016 Campaign! Neutralize The Liberal Media This Election Season!

CBN discusses Democratic National Committee’s collusion with the liberal media, interviewing Founder and President of the MRC, Brent Bozell.

The Media Research Center’s battle plan for the national conventions is running at full force, and we need your help to make this a national success! Please contribute right now to help keep our MRC staff in “War Room” mode, so they can continue to expose liberal media bias.

The leftist media elites are doing everything in their power to convince Americans that policy solutions offered by conservatives are dangerously “extreme,” unworkable, hateful, un-American, racist, hurt the poor, constitute a “War on Women,” etc. The most damaging attacks have been personal and vicious – character assassinations, and nothing – not family, not their childhood, or religious beliefs – will be off limits. The media politics of personal destruction is already well underway this election cycle.

Character assassination is vital to the Left in this election because they know most voters agree with conservative proposals on major issues. Americans to not want the leftist agenda of more taxes, weakness in our national defense, apologizing for America, refusing to name our enemies…But they will be indoctrinated between now and election day to believe they must vote for the liberal agenda because the conservative alternative is too extreme, and just too horrible to consider.

The MRC’s massive “Tell the Truth!” 2016 campaign was a major success in Cleveland, and “Don’t Believe the Liberal Media!” is a message you cannot escape in Philadelphia. Some platforms are traditional, such as the use of talk radio. But there is also the unconventional, with emphasis on billboard advertising because it’s a medium not used by the public policy community and therefore a space MRC can dominate. Our “Tell the Truth!” and “Don’t Believe the Liberal Media!” billboards are placed strategically in Philadelphia to let the leftist media elites know their role as propagandists of the leftist agenda is being made a national issue.

The MRC needs you right now to contribute, $50, $100, $250, or whatever you can give, to help support this massive counter-offensive against the liberal media this convention season.

The MRC “Tell the Truth!” 2016 campaign will do more than just expose the bias:

  • The MRC will confront it. Neutralize its impact. Make the leftist media agenda itself an issue in this campaign.
  • The MRC will create a national environment in which every news report about the candidates is weighed by listeners for bias.
  • The MRC will remind Americans that they are watching and listening to committed leftwing activists posing as journalists.


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What sort of impact is the MRC making right now? Visit this page often to see some of our recent “Tell the Truth!” 2016 campaign updates, listen to Brent Bozell speak to our grassroots message, and watch examples of some of our exclusive interviews. Got questions? Contact us here.

Listen to Brent Bozell's Grassroots message for our "Tell the Truth!" 2016 campaign.

Here are some of the MRC's billboards in Cleveland and Philadelphia

Just a few of our grassroots members sporting our signs

The MRC message in the news

Examples of the MRC's social media impact

The MRC in the news

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