Call ABC and tell them to cancel The Real O'Neals!
The Media Research Center
Call ABC and tell them to cancel The Real O'Neals!
Call ABC and tell them to cancel The Real O'Neals!

Step 1: Please call Hope Hartman - Vice President of Communications

(855) 242-7422

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Step 2: Help Us Spread the Word to the Masses


If you didn’t know who Dan Savage is until today, it’s probably a good thing. But right now we need you to familiarize yourselves with one of the cruelest, most vile political activists in America.

The ABC sitcom, “The Real O’Neals” aired last night and is said to be loosely based on the anti-Christian bigot, Dan Savage, who is also a co-producer of the sitcom.

The Media Research Center has been demanding ABC reconsider its atrocious decision to broadcast this vile attempt at comedy.

The MRC Action Team went to work last year, and:

  • Organized a petition of more than 23,000 signatures, telling Disney/ABC to stop promoting Dan Savage;
  • Rounded up 20,000 postcards from patriotic Americans like you that detailed Savage’s past anti-religious, anti-family sentiments; and
  • Dominated social media streams with more than 40 posts, reaching more than 3.2 million people on Facebook and an estimated 11.8 million impressions on Twitter!

Founder and President of the MRC, Brent Bozell, along with other pro-family, pro-religious institutions were on the frontlines of the effort by:

  • Sending an open letter to Disney/ABC President Ben Sherwood on March 16, 2015 highlighting the inappropriate, vulgar, and malicious history of Dan Savage, as well as the negative impacts the show would have on its viewing audience.

And still, even after the public’s outcry, even after the conservative movement stood against the concept, ABC moved forward last night with two-episodes that mocks Catholicism (93 visual or verbal attempts were targeted at Catholics), promotes outrageous “social norms” such as teenage intercourse, and belittles the importance of the family unit.

In essence, this is a complete disgrace.

Watch this Family Research Council video montage of Savage, and you'll agree: