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How Will We Remember Inauguration 2017? Defend American History from the LYING LIBERAL MEDIA!

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With only days left before one of the most historic events in our nation’s history, the national news networks are buzzing with excitement and anticipation… every news organization is scrambling to highlight all groundbreaking aspects of this new presidency…

THIS was the mindset that the liberal media wanted you to indulge during the 2009 inauguration of Barack Obama. Not so much this time around.

If you’re expecting to see media pundits with googly eyes, or watch Chris Matthews get that thrill up his leg again, it’s not going to happen. The liberal media clearly had a favorite in this election and we are clearly witnessing their distaste of the results in their inaugural coverage this week.

The fight didn’t stop on election night. The liberal media have been doing everything they can to delegitimize the incoming administration, push their progressive agenda, and threaten the foundations of our Republic.

What’s worse: these cheerleaders for the Left use fear mongering tactics to create an atmosphere of distrust, setting the stage for failed conservative policies and indoctrinating the public with their preferred plans to further the eight years of liberal failures with tax hikes, terrorist safe-havens in sanctuary cities, and unconstitutional gun control policy... just to name a few.

They don’t want you to know the truth; they only want you to be exposed to coverage that will further their liberal agenda. That’s why the MRC is here.

It’s “Game On!” against the liberal media, and we cannot succeed without your financial support.

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We must expose the liberal media and neutralize their biases, 24 hours at a time, every single day. The MRC must have the resources to ensure Americans are educated with complete and unbiased coverage of the events that take place this inauguration week. This is only possible with the help of thoughtful Americans like you who demand that the TRUTH prevail over the liberal media agenda.

COUNTER fake news, manipulative reporting, and the lies of the liberal media this inauguration week. Ensure the TRUTH is known.