Stop the Media From Undermining Our Second Amendment Rights
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Stop the Media From Undermining Our Second Amendment Rights

Stop the Media From Undermining Our Second Amendment Rights

Demand the Media Stop the Attack on Law Abiding Gun Owners

As a concerned citizen, I am outraged that Hollywood and the media exploit national tragedies to push their anti-gun agenda and disparage responsible and legal gun owners. This is especially upsetting considering how these groups hypocritically glorify extreme violence for profit.

I stand with the MRC in demanding that the entertainment and news media stop their assault on legal gun owners and our constitutional rights. Their anti-gun activism will do nothing to curb violence and will only serve to harm patriotic, law-abiding gun owners.


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The liberal media and their hypocritical Hollywood allies have been demonizing legal gun owners for years. What is worse is that they exploit every national tragedy or terror attack in order to malign legal and responsible gun owners and push their extreme anti-gun agenda.

The entertainment media have tried to paint Second Amendment rights as the cause of a host of societal ills, even as they glorify guns, death, and violence in order to turn a profit.

Graph of gun related violence in the top films of 2017.

Despite the fact that increased gun restrictions do little to stop terrorists, criminals, or the seriously mentally disturbed from harming innocent people (consider the city of Chicago), the media are intent on stripping Americans of their Second Amendment rights and their ability to defend themselves and their families.

The Media Research Center has been leading the fight to expose and neutralize the liberal media for more than 30 years, and we will never stop as long as they insist on using their platform to attack our constitutional rights and push a radical left-wing agenda.