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The petition is no longer active, but below is the context of what the petition was for.

The liberal media and tech giants like Google, Twitter, Facebook, and Amazon have joined forces with the radical leftist Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). Why is this a problem?

Over the years the SPLC has claimed it fights against hate groups. The media and big tech companies have granted SPLC enormous power by adopting SPLC’s determination of what is hate. The fact is SPLC has grown to become a hate-filled, anti-Christian, anti-conservative organization which uses bullying tactics to advance its liberal agenda. SPLC’s “hate map” has included mainstream Christian organizations like the Family Research Council.

MRC President Brent Bozell is leading an effort with other prominent conservative organizations to expose SPLC and end their influence over the media. Bozell signed two open letters on April 3, 2019, addressed to the CEOs of Facebook, Twitter, Google, and major media outlets, demanding that these companies sever their ties with the Southern Poverty Law Center.

The Free Speech Alliance (FSA) and nearly 70 leading conservatives have taken a stand against the SPLC by signing these letters. We are asking MRC supporters like you to sign this petition to tell tech giants it is time to cut ties with the bigoted and dangerous SPLC.

Since we launched this effort, Twitter has quietly distanced itself from the SPLC. Unfortunately, the other outlets have remained completely silent.

SPLC has long been known for its bullying tactics against Christian and conservative organizations. Recent news reports indicate that the SPLC engaged in gender and racial discrimination, sexual harassment and donor manipulation as well. The SPLC had no choice but to fire its co-founder Morris Dees and accept the resignation of its long-time president, Richard Cohen.

There is no excuse for the media or online platforms to associate with the hate-filled SPLC or rely on their counsel any longer.

Help us keep the pressure on big tech and the media by signing our petition to demand SPLC have no role in determining what is acceptable content.