College Unbound!: The MRC's Liberty Learning Program

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About College Unbound!: The MRC's Liberty Learning Program

Every election cycle, cardboard politicians and advisors tell us to “turn-out the grassroots,” repeating the mantra that their disgraced instructors and handlers told them, even as the corrosive combination of leftist universities, leftist media, and leftist government erode more of our rights. And the results speak for themselves…

According to a report from the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation, nearly 50% of American “Millennials'' support making The United States a “socialist” nation. But only 16% COULD DEFINE SOCIALISM, and many young “rebels'' are so ignorant of what Marxism, Communism, and the numerous forms of collectivism are, fully 23% of Americans between the ages of 21 and 29 see Soviet tyrant Joseph Stalin as a hero!

In light of this critical situation, the MRC has jumped into action.Taking heed of MRC Donor and MRC Action Grassroots Army member suggestions, we’ve created a new educational series allowing us to cement our understanding of the Marxist-Collectivist adversary in all its forms. We’re taking advantage of the contemporary break away from old-style, propagandistic universities and opening doors to learning online.

We’re stepping into the arena, connecting history to present-day issues and the media, to share with MRC audiences.

College Unbound!: The MRC's Liberty Learning Program begins with the facts about Marxism and Collectivism, then dives deeper into more advanced concepts. Each episode within this series includes videos, memory-helping quizzes, suggestions for social media posts, and talking points for conversations—empowering MRC supporters to learn and speak knowledgeably. And, more important than ever, empowering parents, teachers, and professors to have fresh perspectives to share in their online learning curriculums.

It takes learning and knowledge to combat the forces arrayed against freedom. In some cases, the battles will be long, and victories might elude us for years. But in the learning, there is satisfaction and the attainment of wisdom – which are their own personal victories.

Please let us know if you have any suggestions! We’d love to hear your thoughts on future important topics, and how to better share our endeavor with others. MRC Action is the grassroots arm of the Media Research Center, and we rely on YOU as great allies to keep stoking the flames of freedom.

Thank you, VERY much!

  • Episodes:

    • Episode 01: The Facts About Marxism and Collectivism
    • Episode 02: The Intellectual Tactics of Marx
    • Episode 03: On Morals, Materialism, and Dialectical Materialism
    • Episode 04: The KEY Economic Errors of Marxism/Collectivism
    • Episode 05: The First Five Planks of The Communist Manifesto
    • Episode 06: The Last Five Planks of The Communist Manifesto
    • Episode 07: The Forerunner of Marx: Jean Jacques Rousseau, and Socialism
    • Episode 08: Cultural Marxism, The Frankfurt School, and Postmodernism
    • Episode 09: Fascism, Crony-Capitalism, and Mercantilism
    • Episode 10: The Deadly Legacy of Marxism, Socialism, and Collectivism
    • Episode 11: Don’t Let Anyone Tell You “Communism” or “Socialism” Haven’t Been Tried Before