Demand the Media Cover the Clinton Pay-to-Play Scheme

Demand the Media Cover the Clinton Pay-to-Play Scheme

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I join the Media Research Center in demanding the media cover the disgraceful Clinton Pay-to-Play scheme.

The recently launched FBI investigation into this scheme has to potential to expose corruption and bribery involving the highest levels of government and it is essential that the American people receive accurate and unbiased information from the major news outlets.

The media must stop ignoring this story and glossing over the details simply because this investigation could possibly implicate the liberal media’s golden calf, Hillary Clinton.

The media must TELL THE TRUTH about the Clinton Pay-to-Play scheme and cover it with the same intensity they would even the smallest controversy surrounding President Trump.


It has recently been announced that the FBI have launched an investigation into the Clinton Pay-to-Play scheme.

According to NewsBusters, “the FBI is investigating whether the foundation was a part of a pay-to-play scheme in conjunction with Hillary Clinton’s State Department.” The new probe is examining whether the Clintons promised any policy favors in exchange for donations or whether donors made commitments to the Clintons in order to procure certain outcomes from the government.

Allegations of this sort involving the Clinton Foundation are nothing news. It was recently revealed that the Clinton Foundation received millions of dollars in donations from the Russians while she was Secretary of State and instrumental in approving the 2010 nuclear deal with Russia, which granted Russia control over a large amount of American uranium.

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The media cannot be allowed to ignore this story and cover up the details simply because the participants are liberals. It is essential that we hold them accountable

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